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Life can be hard and does not alway go the way we would like ... you can use this space to get away from everything and talk to someone while feeling safe without judgement, and work towards where you would like to be.


This can be a place to process what has gone on and learn how the world is perceived uniquely by you and how this can influence your relationships and interactions.

Client Reviews

“Catherine helped me gain a greater understanding of my thoughts and feelings though her calm manner of questioning and exploring. She made me feel at ease to talk about difficult subjects, and her support and insights have helped my mental health in a profound way."

Types of therapy 

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT

Problem solving issue focused therapy to help clients develop coping techniques to manage their situation.

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Explore the relationship between current circumstances and the present you. Who am I? Why am I here? Why am I this way? Take back control and find the strength to make choices to re-direct the future you to where you want to be.

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Articulation of your conscious experience from your point of view to find personal understanding through an empathetic and non-judgemental connection.


Transactional Analysis

Examine your behaviour and social relationships through this system of psychology, looking at how these current behaviours and social interactions reflect an interchange between aspects of personality established in early childhood.

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Explore how unconscious processes that may be related to the past could be affecting relationships today.

Alinea Psycholgies, offering therapy by a professional therapist


Common Experiences 


Depression is a common condition that can cause serous difficulty with living. Though It is common to go through periods of feeling down, things usually start feeling better after a while. Depression is more than feeling unhappy or fed up. If you are depressed this low feeling can last for weeks or even months rather than just a few days.



Anxiety is a feeling of unease or worry or fear. Everyone experiences anxiety at different points in their life for different reasons perhaps you were anxious about an exam, having a job interview, waiting for results, or loosing your job. Though this is uncomfortable this is normal. However, sometimes the feelings of anxiety can feel... 



Self-esteem is the opinion we have about ourselves. We can have high or low self esteem. This can cause problems if it is too far on either end of the spectrum. Healthy self-esteem is when we feel mostly positive about ourselves and life in general. This helps us to be better at dealing with difficult situations in life and handling life's...



Relationships with others can be difficult to navigate and understand, especially if this is the way your relationships have been going for a while, or early in life you did not learn the social skills needed for more complex relationships. This is common as it takes a village to raise a child in the sense that we need to have support and...



Different things in life can cause you to feel stressed. Feeling stressed is a natural response to help you take on threats and difficult situations. This is also known as the fight or flight response. Usually once the threat or difficult situation passes these effects usually fade but however if you are constantly stressed you...



We all have emotions for a reason and it is important to note what the emotion of anger is used for and what it is trying to tell us. Anger is an emotion used to take action or change something. It gives us the drive to act. This can sometimes get out of control and start causing problems in life with relationships and work this may even...


How it works 

Sessions are 50 minutes. In the beginning we would use the first sessions to explore what the issue is for you and your experience of it while also developing the therapeutic relationship and making sure you feel comfortable. I believe in working together therefore I am transparent with my clients and will discuss every step with you. The way we choose to go with the work will also depend on whether you have had any sort of therapy before and if you found that approach working for you or not. Your plan depends on which way the issue presents itself, when it started and many other factors which we can work through together.

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